Can Employees Resign during the Probation Period?

 The period of probation is arguably an important period for one's career. However, if something happens while living it, is it permissible to resign on probation?In a work environment, the probation period is a period in which the company and new employees adapt to each other.Usually, this period is designed for three months, although there are also companies that do it for a different duration.From a company perspective, a trial period is used to find out if the new employee has everything they need.This includes performance, skills, and the ability to adapt to organizational culture, which will be monitored.Meanwhile, for new employees, the probation period is a time when they test the extent of their abilities.Apart from that, these employees are also expected to feel what it is like to work at a new company.Relationships on probation mostly end beautifully. However, it is not uncommon for both parties to be unsuitable for continuing. So, is it okay to resign on probation?

There is no standard rule regarding the resign rule in the probation period. However, pay attention to whether there are rules in your work contract.If so, pay close attention to the rules. These rules can range from the time of submission to how your salary scheme is.The probation period itself is stipulated in the Manpower Law.Regarding the submission time, the company usually requires one month before the day of resignation.This is because the company needs time to prepare the resignation and re-recruitment documents.However, again this depends on the company. Because new employees have not signed a permanent employee contract, there are also companies that invite them to resign on the D-1 date they want.Usually this happens at startup companies, where they tend to be more flexible.Resignation Considerations

Withdrawals on probation often occur because of 3 things. The following include:

1. Receiving offers from other companies

The most common reason for resigning these days is receiving more attractive offers from other companies.

This can happen if you undergo recruitment at the same time and are both accepted to continue to the probation period.

Before accepting the offer, first consider the benefits that other companies offer you.

First confirm the salary, health assistance scheme to bonuses and benefits that will be received.

Lastly, don't just resign before you actually sign the contract.

This is important because before the contract was signed, your position at another company was not secure. Everything can still happen, including your place at another company.

2. Incompatible work culture

Reporting from The Balance Careers, one of the most common reasons for resigning is a work culture that is incompatible with oneself.

Every new employee will definitely make an adaptation in his new office, starting from how he works to communicating with other employees.

If you have trouble doing both well, you will automatically not feel at home there.

Work culture includes many things, from working hours, office situations, employee relations and so on. As a new employee, this might be tough.

This might get worse if you feel that the culture and the roles you are taking do not match what was described during the interview.

Consider seriously if these things are your reasons for resigning. You can just talk to your boss before making the decision to resign.

Besides that, you can also try many things first to adjust to the culture and work environment.

If all these things have been done, then you can choose the option to resign.

3. Not getting family support

This reason emerged several times when he decided to resign during the probation period. Family has a level of importance above work so this excuse is sometimes accepted.

However, try to understand that everything can still be discussed.

If your family objects to the late hours of coming home from work, try discussing it with your boss. Who knows, your boss will accept and let you go home early.

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