The pleasure of processed food from potatoes

Who doesn't like processed foods from potatoes? Potatoes are one of the tubers that have a better nutrient content than other types of tubers. For this reason, potatoes are often used as a carbohydrate source instead of rice. Besides this food is also very suitable to be processed into various kinds of food, whether it is processed by frying, boiled as soup or baked. What are the reasons why potatoes are one of the mandatory menus that we have to consume?
Nutrients Contained in Potatoes
Potatoes are not only popular because they are rich in processed foods, they also have fairly complete nutrition, including as a source of carbohydrates that are low in cholesterol with sufficient calorie content. In addition, potatoes are also rich in calcium, vitamin C, sodium and iron which are quite good for brain development. Those are some nutrients that are enough to be the reason why food from potatoes is very worthy to be enjoyed.
Benefits of Potato Foods
In addition to being useful as a low-calorie source of carbohydrates, potato foods also have a variety of benefits including good digestion, reduced inflammation in the intestines, reduced risk of cancer, and reduced risk of diabetes. The content of vitamin C contained in potatoes is also good for maintaining healthy skin, and accelerating cell regeneration. Not only that, nutrients in potatoes are also proven to reduce bruising, overcome kidney stones and are very good for brain performance.
Processed Food Practically From Potatoes
Food from potatoes is very diverse, and one of the most popular among all people is potato chips or crispy potatoes. This type of processed food is very suitable to be used as a light snack and we can get at fast food restaurants. If you want to make it yourself in a very easy way, the ingredients you need include
• potatoes
cooking oil
ice Cube
• and fine spices such as garlic, salt and flavoring.
These simple enough ingredients are then processed in a fairly easy way. After you cut the box potatoes lengthwise, then soak them in water mixed with salt. After the sap is gone, wash and boil the potatoes with fine spices until boiling, and drain. Save the stew of potatoes in the freezer for approximately 1 hour, then dry and sprinkle with cornstarch to make it crispy. Fry the potatoes in hot oil, after almost done lifting and drain. Wait for it to cool, and put it back in the freezer. Fried again until browned to consume it. That's a little sundries of food from potatoes that we can convey, hopefully useful ...
Description: Foods from potatoes have a fairly complete nutritional content, so you should try processing them at home for your beloved family.

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