Happy Birthday Naresha Salsabila Emri

Happy birthday Naresha Salsabila Emri, We wish you a long, healthy life, and grow up with an increasingly intelligent mind and grow to be a skilled person, beautiful and full of virtue so that later you can become the pride of your father and mother. And the more you age, the more good and happiness you will be, amiiin ... Today on February 20th is a very special day, and before this day is over, there is no beautiful gift, I will pray to you for a beautiful handful of prayers ...
Maybe you don't know much, February 20th is the birthday of the daughter of a prominent Internet marketing in Indonesia, which is none other than Yasirli Amri, the fruit of her love with Fitri Riyanti. And like a princess in general, Naresha on her birthday this time also wants to get her ideal gift from her father, what kind of gift does this little Naresha want? As a birthday present, Naresha wants a digital device in the form of the biggest iPad gadget? Hmmm, how big is Naresha's dream Ipad? Hopefully get it from your father soon, beautiful?
Profile of Yasirli Amri's father
Maybe you are still curious about Yasirli Amri, who is actually Yasirli Amri? Maybe there are still many people who don't know the figure who is quite genius in the field of Internet Marketing, for that we will review a little related to this father of Naresha, because it will be very beneficial if you can get to know and become a member of the father of 3 children. Yasirli Amri is one of the Internet Marketers whose career has long been poor in Indonesia. Living in the city of Bandung and having been running an online business since 2007, Yasirli Amri has produced a number of products that are needed by bloggers, which include the SEO business, adsense publishers, as well as affiliates and online stores, which are also handled by this young father. And every online business has been able to stand alone and have mamber that is no less than 1000 mamber, hmm it's amazing isn't it?
Seeing these various achievements, it's no wonder that Yasirli Amri has earned hundreds of millions of rupiah from her online business. To broaden his knowledge, for the past few years Yasirli Amri has focused on training in guiding young people who want to build their own online business in addition to benefiting from the online business they run. The form of training provided is summarized in the form of workshops held in several major cities in Indonesia such as Surabaya, Yogyakarta to Bali. And not wanting to be satisfied with its achievement, Yasirli Amri also plans to hold workshops in several other major cities in Indonesia.
Not only giving way to those who want to succeed in the online business, the struggle of Yasirli Amri is also able to reduce unemployment in Indonesia. And to help those of you who want to follow the steps of the Internet Marketer you can buy an ecource called The Sleeper. You can have the source of Yasirli Amri's work and all the techniques you can practice it one by one to make it grow the online business that you build. And this success is supported not only by the family, but also by a philosophy that builds. The philosophy that contains "I believe in treating others as well as we want to be treated by others" becomes the real foundation of the struggle and everything that Yasirli Amri did to his current success.
Profile of Ms. Fitri Riyanti
Seeing the beautiful and charming look of Fitri Riyanti's mother, of course we will not ask where the beauty of the beautiful princess Naresha came from. Besides being successful as a charming mother and wife, Fitri Riyanti also succeeded in becoming the owner of a beauty product which is none other than the Frutablend whitening product. Although initially he wanted to be sinden, but the ability to do business from Fitri Riyanti could not be doubted to see his expertise in developing the beauty product business and its contribution in supporting the success of the husband.
In addition, the expenditure of the bleached bleach products managed by him also aims to accommodate friends who want to do business online but do not have their own products. Besides this product is also not just any product, because there are various benefits that can be obtained from this whitening product. So it has been proven that it is not a contribution from Mrs. Fitri Riyanti in the world of Internet Marketing in Indonesia. Hmmm, two thumbs up for Mrs. Fitri Riyanti. Hopefully, always be faithful to accompany her husband Yasirli Amri and become the best mother for her son and daughter ..
And back to little Naresha, having a father and mother is a pride for Naresha, so one day Naresha must prove that Naresha can be the pride of father and mother. You have received the most beautiful gift and as a bonus, hopefully you can get a Ipad from a big daddy, beautiful ...
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