The rise of narcotics and illegal drugs has greatly affected the mental as well as educational for the students today. The future of this great nation depends entirely on the liberation of young people from the dangers of drugs. Drugs have touched the circle that is getting closer to us all. Our friends and relatives are getting entangled by drugs that can often be deadly. As an increasingly mature creature of God, we should always think clearly to face the globalization of technology and globalization that directly affect the family and youth of the successor of the nation in particular. We must fight the futility of the drugs

I Cause Drug Abuse
A. Failure experienced in life

Not having confidence or lack of parental affection can lead to drug abuse among adolescents. For example, parents who are successful in a career tetepi less attention to the family, the dispute in the family to experience destruction (Broken Home).

B. Free association and inappropriate environment.

According to Waddington's theory of "mental land-scape develope", if a child is placed in a particular environment, it is difficult for the group to change its influence, especially if the environment is strongly influencing the child. Thus to prevent the use of drugs, the land scape (environment) is good today is the environment of Islam. As a parent should be able to warn her children not to mix with friends who morals are not good.

C. Lack of religion

To combat drugs, efforts that need to be done is to raise awareness of religion and inform positive and beneficial things to the teenagers. Because, in this day and age sangt little teenagers who are aware of the importance of sprinkling religion.

 D. The desire to just try

The belief that if trying once is not addicted is one of the causes of drug use, because once using drugs it is addicted and difficult to stop. Therefore, if someone wants to avoid drugs, should be able to distance themselves from the things that make it possible to try and get in touch with drugs.

Many Drugs Circulating In Society.

There are many types of drugs circulating in the community that many in use by teenagers, among others:

    Cannabis, also called marijuana, grass / grass, pots, cannabis, joint, hashish, cimeng.
Heroin, also called putaw, white, PT, talc, etep.
Morphine, which is in the drug from opiate / opium is raw.
Cocaine, also called crack, coke, girl, lady.
Ecstasy, also called by ineks, buttons.
Shabu-shabu, also called ice, ss, ubas, crystal, mecin.
Amphetamin, also called speed

# Substance

Various types of adhesive materials that are marketed as building materials are often used incorrectly for inhalation, among others: wood glue (aona aibon sweetness), paint, thinner.
# Sedative Medicine, also called copolum pills
Various sedatives and sleeping pills (anti-insomnia) are also in use by drug addicts. Drugs are in the G list and psychotropic, but are freely traded in the stalls.

A. Due to Misuse of Drugs Against Health.
Overall these drugs can cause disturbances in the human nervous system, also in the organs of the human body. Drugs will also cause addiction / addiction to the wearer and if the use is stopped, can result in death. The characteristics of addiction include: seizures, abdominal pain, trembling bodies, vomiting, eyes and runny nose, loss of appetite and loss / loss of weight.

B. Due To Drug Use To The Environment In The Community
Drug use can eliminate the awareness of the wearer, causing paranoia (daze), can also make the wearer becomes malignant and wild so it can disturb peace in the community.
To get the haram goods, in need of little cost, so it can lead to criminal acts such as theft, seizure or quarrel and not a few also lead to murder.

There are many things to prevent drug use include:

Raising awareness of religion, informing positive and useful things.
Selective in choosing friends.
Selective in choosing foods and beverages.
Avoid the inappropriate environment.
Forming small groups that remind each other.
When dealing with people / friends who begin to come into contact with drugs, use compassion to pull it into a healthier way of life.
Knowing the facts about drugs includes the consequences of the illicit goods.


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